Who we are

Who we are

Adarsh Seva Sansthan as a social society aims to:

  • Promote informal, formal and vocational education.
  • Promote activities of socio-economic development in the unorganized labour sector.
  • Promote and achieve all round development of weaker sections of the society.
  • Disseminate legal knowledge and information, to build up awareness among common mass for their rights as well as their duties.
  • Assist, advice, support and make active poor people towards their legal rights and to achieve this objective to adopt their cases individual or public interest.
  • Promote family welfare by organizing family dispute conciliation platforms.
  • Disseminate socio legal information through puppets, theatre, posters or through any other method of audio visuals.
  • To organize medical camps for the weaker sections.
  • Establish hostels for working women, destitute, orphans etc.
  • Establish hostels for poor children with school facility and with facility of vocational training as well.
  • Organize socio-cultural activities for cultural and social development.
  • Organize economic generation programmes for betterment of poor people.
  • Establish cheap kitchens for people in need.
  • Establish small industries for economic betterment of youth.
  • Do all or any deed, action or thing for physical, mental and spiritual upliftment of people.
  • Undertake education training and other programmes for protecting and pursuing the socio-economic, legal, cultural, intellectual and spiritual aspects of people.
  • Undertake, promote and develop schemes for ecology and environment inclusive of protection of forests.
  • Promote afforestation for the environmental protection.
  • Undertake, promote and sponsor all activities for protecting and furthering the interests of disadvantaged groups of people such as women, children, social, racial, ethnic minorities, prisoners, under trials, landless labourers and for protection of public health, safety, medicine and environment.
  • Undertake, initiate, conduct, carry on, sponsor and support any educational research, documentation and dissemination of information and any other programme related to conservation of natural resources, protection and improvement of environment, prevention of hazards to human beings of other living creatures, plants and animals.
  • Initiate, conduct, carry on, sponsor and support research in social sciences.
  • Amalgamate or merge with any or more of the societies, public charitable trust of non-profit companies having the same or similar objects as that of the Sansthan on such terms and conditions as may be in the best interest of the society and the locality.

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