Centre for World Solidarity*

Improving the nutrition status of tribal women, children and adolescent girls

Improving the nutrition status of tribal women, children and adolescent girls and contributing in the income enhancement of the tribal households through promotion of sustainable agriculture and entitlement realization is Centre for World Solidarity (CWS) supported project.

Specific Objective: 


  • Improving the nutritional status of health and hygiene practices for women &   children by introducing nutritional intake in their food habit.
  • Enhancing income of farmers through improved agricultural practices
  • Organizing women through social and economic empowerment and institutional arrangements and ensuring their participation in village level development activities

SUPPORT SINCE: 1st April 2015.

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: Two villages i.e. Baitalpur (2 Tolas) and Jaganathpur (8 Tolas) of Bankati panchayat of Block Ghatshila of East Singhbhum District.


Drawing Competition with school children (Jagnnathpur & Kakrisol School) :

As per the drawing leaning boys-86, girls-134 did drawing which reflected the important of daily routine, like hand washing, nutrition food & don’t defecate in open, cleanliness of our body etc.

Capacity Building training on health, hygiene and nutrition issues. :

Organized 5-training with 60 school children and 70 SHG’s women for spreading awareness and sensitization on nutrition, food plants and Health-Hygienic practices and other sources with regard to balanced food. This training program help adolescent girls to understand daily intake of vitamin related food. In both the school we started pad bank & distributed sanitary napkins through Nishchay Approximately 60 girl’s children taking benefit of this.

Promotion and strengthening though Football match naming the team on health, hygiene and nutrition issues :

We prepared 4 team for playing football tournament comprising of 15 players each team. Theme of this tournament will be health, hygiene and nutrition issues. They are more enthusiastic and interested towards the tournament. Each team was very positive for better performance of their team.

Regular  27 SHG Meeting :

Presently these groups are regularly conducting meetings and doing savings and inter loaning and they also discussed about health & hygiene and nutrition issues as well as govt. schemes related to them particularly, and ICDS monitoring of ICDS functioning related to them particularly.

Training on developing vegetable nursery :

By this training 40 SHG’s women are regularly growing vegetable nursery. SHG women & others 50 SHG’s distributed vegetable seeds, nursery seeds like brinjal, coriander, chilli, cucumber, tomato, bottle gourd, which helps them in extra income and also increased in food habits and living standards.

Training program on livestock farming :

After Livestock farming training of 25 SHG’s, 8 of them started hen farming, 6 started duck farming in small level.  With this women have increased their income also.

Input support for selected 20 Farmers :

40 SHG’s women are regularly growing vegetable nursery. Nursery seed like brinjal, coriander, chilli, cucumber, tomato, bottle gourd. In SRI Vidhi 56 SHG women were supported with paddy.

Training for the awareness creation on the government schemes related with nutrition and livelihood :

70 SHG’s women are aware about government scheme; total 18 applied for Swatch Bharat Mission schemes but support was received by 10. Applied Mukhya Mantri Kanya Dan Yojna 5 but 2 got the benefit. , Applied Sukniya Yojna 6 but received benefit by 3. Applied Ayushwman Bharat Yojna 8 but got benefit by 7. Deep boring Percolation Tank was processed by SHG’s .In this period MTC get zero result.

Publication/printing of IEC materials followed by documentation :

Distributed IEC among children along with their parents, stakeholders at the time of meeting which helps to aware them about Health & Hygiene and Nutrition issues at the time of training and meeting.